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Keto Source NZ is a family-run business based in North Canterbury, New Zealand. 

Our small team consists of Caleb and Claire (Husband and Wife) and Liz Ford (Caleb’s mother). We might be small but we have a massive amount of combined personal and professional experience in nutrition and wellbeing. 

Keto Source was born out of our own personal experiences and passion for sharing the simplicity of Keto and LCHF (Low Carb Healthy Fat) and teaching others how to achieve the often drastic improvements in health and wellbeing by using food as ones fuel and medicine and allowing the body to heal itself.

Caleb is well known for becoming his own health experiment during which time he learnt about keto and shared his successes with close family and friends and now with Keto Sources many followers.

Caleb Ford less than 12 months on Keto

Liz is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian with around 35 years of experience specializing in complex lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, IBS and many other inflammatory conditions. Although prior to learning about low carb high fat she was teaching the standard nutrition guidelines, her curiosity and passion for learning has seen her complete training under the 'Noaks Foundation' in South Africa and is therefore one of only a small handful of dietitians throughout the world recognised as an expert in Keto and LCHF.

Keto Source dietitian Liz Ford
Liz Ford and Caleb Ford


The Keto Source New Zealand Logomark

Drawing inspiration from the specific macro format intrinsic to a Keto diet, these segments of our logo represent not only these important ratios, they also bring in recognisable natural colours of New Zealand.

Representing the community aspect to our business, the ring format recognises a continual cycle of support and information for our customers and seminar attendees. The inner ring signifying this gathering, within a Keto lifestyle.

A new logo for a healthful, inclusive and bright future for Keto Source NZ, friends and customers.