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Lifestyle Package - 3 Appointments

Lifestyle Package - 3 Appointments



  • Full nutrition assessment (1 hour 15 minutes)
  • Personalised eating plan
  • Targeted nutrition information based on goals and personal requirements
  • Two review appointments (30 minutes each) to monitor progress, answer questions, modify meal plan as required and provide additional information
  • Includes guidance for cooking, reading nutrition labels and accessing suitable food for your needs
  • Optional report to GP with summary of assessment and nutrition recommendations
  • Access to email support after each appointment (3) 

Suitable for health concerns: IBS, improving gut function, food intolerances, insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome, improving exercise performance and energy levels, improving brain power and mood, pre-diabetes or general guidance on improving nutrition for health and wellness.

You will be sent an assessment form and food diary via email which needs to be completed and sent back before your first appointment. It will be helpful to have access to body scales, tape measure, food scales and cup and spoon measuring equipment. You may also decide to keep a photo diary of foods eaten and body composition changes.

You will be sent all of your personal nutrition information via email either during or after your appointment.

We are here to make it as easy as possible for you! We know that in todays busy world that it is hard to find time to attend a clinic. So we have options that can be tailored to what ever works best for you and your busy schedule.

Your appointments are arranged either via Phone, Internet, Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

The timing can be arranged to suit your schedule, during the day or in the evening.


If you would prefer, and you live in the Canterbury region, then a face to face appointment could also be arranged instead of the above options.

Dietitian Packages image2.png

Lifestyle Package - 3 Appointments